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Botanikum is a dark-fantasy story inviting you to dive into the deep of alchemy. The narrative will be illustrative accentuated and self-published as book.

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Lip balm

Five different varieties of lip balm, created and illustrated.

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The Lord of the Floppy-Disc film project

A series of simple illustrations for the student film project “The Lord of the Floppy-Disc”, that’s at the same time a “Lord of the Rings” parody as well as a declaration of love for gaming. Produced by RISAG Entertainment.

The Artist

I’m a freelance illustrator and designer based in Tübingen, Germany.

1993 born in Heilbronn, I was always keen on painting. From Disney via Japanese animation movies through to concept art, the excitement for art never left me, until I targeted to become an illustrator in 2013. Shortly afterwards I started to teach myself to draw digitally and in summer 2015, besides my media computer science studies, I became a freelancer.

Since 2015 I have a booth at several comic and art fairs in Germany and will be present at fairs Europe-wide the next few years.

In my spare time I like to travel, always carrying my sketchbook with me to secure the thoughts and inspirations from the trips.

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